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not so sure about the “better” part BUT life will go on.. miserable or not, here it comes!

Colourblind by ChelseaHantken


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I’m so happy that its that time of year again! Handmade, screenprinted skeleton armwarmers (made from recycled t-shirts) are back in my shop! - see profile for link) #armwarmers #fingerlessgloves #dayofthedead #bones #diadelosmuertos #upcycled #recycled #costume #handmade #halloween

Recycled fan to light pendant for the markets this weekend #upcycled #vintage #nitsua #justlikethat (at nitsua studio)


Clockwork Jewelry by Compass Rose Design

Until the 1830s, every single watch gear and part was made individually by hand. Mass production of gears and watches was implemented in earnest by the Waltham Watch Company in 1852. The watchmaker is both a craftsperson and an artist - many had signature designs and left initials on watches they repaired.

handmade in California

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Building a DIY pot & pan pinboard? A problem some people have when hanging up their pots and pans (for display or to dry off) is they tend to lose the positions once they’re taken down. Here’s an idea: draw outlines of where they were hanging, you’ll never mix them up again!

Reel dining table / Table Touret

Brass Bird Sculpture, Mid Century Modern brass Cranes, Regency Style sculpture, Pair of Brass Cranes made in Taiwan by Fleaosophy (29.95 USD)